How to Have Fun Tidying Up When You Can’t Hire an Expert

How to Have Fun Tidying Up When You Can’t Hire an Expert

We would like to Welcome Natalie Jones back for another great guest article we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! It seems like everyone is busy spring cleaning and tidying up these days. And while some folks may find joy in having experts help them declutter, the rest of us are likely stuck organizing all on our own. But cleaning up doesn’t have to be a chore when you don’t have a pro helping you out. With these simple tricks, you can find your own joy while tidying up your home.

Hack Storage in Even a Smaller Home

Storage space can be particularly challenging when your home lacks square footage. But if you arm yourself with a few home organization hacks, even a smaller home can be transformed into a storage haven. Stash seasonal clothing in containers under your bed, store those mountains of books in trunks, or use wooden crates to create low-cost solutions throughout your house. If you don’t have room on the floor, you can even get creative with vertical storage on your walls or even your ceilings. If crafts and DIY projects are your thing, think about creating solutions of your own that will neatly fit into any area of your home. If you’re a bit handy and have a few tools, you can easily craft storage for everything from lipsticks to hairdryers.

Hang All Those Extra Photos and Artwork

So much of your clutter needs to be stored away, but some items are meant to be seen. So, if like most people you have stacks of art and photos taking up space, why not try actually displaying them instead? You can fashion a gallery wall out of as many, or as few, framed pieces as you like. Mix in different finishes to make use of extra frames or even use small shelves to incorporate three-dimensional items. Gallery walls work well in living rooms, bedrooms or even in those small spaces you’re not quite sure what to with. Love to take photos on trips? Well, if you have some prints, you can put them into a book, pin them to a map or use a little wire to hang them up for you to enjoy year-round.

Make a Weekend Out of Tidying Up

Spending a few hours on DIY projects or gallery walls pretty much sounds fun to anyone. But actually cleaning and tidying your home? That can sound like a real bummer, especially if you’re already busy multitasking in other areas of your life. Instead of agonizing over this crucial chore, however, use some creative tips to make tidying up more fun. Crank your fave Lady Gaga and Beyonce tunes and have a dance party while you vacuum your floors, or invite some girlfriends over to provide some background conversation. To really get yourself excited about cleaning up, be sure to treat yourself to some Sunday self-care when you are done. Watch your favorite movie or book a massage to reward yourself for all of your organizing hard work.

You’ll also want to be sure you have the right tools for all that dusting, scrubbing, and cleaning. You’ll need cleaning products, but you’ll also need a quality vacuum. Just remember that not all vacuums are equal. Depending on your home’s flooring (whether that’s mostly carpet, tile, or hardwood), you’ll need the appropriate vacuum for the job.

Do More Good With Your Unwanted Goods

Creating a fun cleaning routine can be easy, but how do you get rid of the guilt of throwing away so much stuff? Well, maybe you don’t toss those items out completely. If you have goods that are still usable, including clothing and furniture, you can feel better about cleaning them out of your home by donating to charities. Even those old prom and formal dresses (we all have them, ladies) can be put to good use and donated to groups like Brides Against Breast Cancer. Or, if you would rather make a monetary contribution, you could sell your items and donate the profits from those sales instead. To make selling simple, consider hosting a yard sale so you can get rid of more of your stuff all at once.

Decluttering without an expert does not spark joy for everyone. But organizing your home can spark less stress in your life. So use the tips above to take some of the hassle out of tidying up and cleaning your home. You may even bring a little more calm and happiness to your life.

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